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Frequently Asked Questions:

Kaş Kekova Daily Boat Tour Price

The prices for private boat tours in Kekova vary depending on variables such as the number of people. To learn about our personalized pricing offer, please contact us directly.

Where does the Kekova Boat Tour depart from?

The boat tours organized in Kekova can depart from either Kaş Harbor or Üçağız Harbor.
Our boat, Ahmet Ege Bey, departs from Üçağız Harbor.

How long does the Kekova Boat Tour last?

The Kekova full-day private boat tour starts at 10:00 AM from Üçağız Harbor and lasts until 5:00 PM in the evening. There is also a possibility of arranging a shorter duration Kekova boat tour.
For detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

The route of the Private Boat Tour in Kekova

Our Private Boat Tour route includes the following destinations: Aquarium Bay, Tersane Bay, Sunken City, Burç Bay, Pirate Cave, Gökkaya Bay, Hamidiye Bay, Simena Kaleköy, and Islands Bay. For detailed information about the bays visited during the Kekova Private Boat Tour, you can visit our "Kekova Bays" page at Kekova Bays.

About Us

We organize Kekova private boat tours in Kekova Üçağız region with our family-run boat for day trips or short durations.

We offer options for private boat tours with meals and without meals.

About Private Boat Tours:

You can embark on an unforgettable day trip to Kekova with our private boat tour. Our tour starts at 10:00 am from Üçağız and provides you with the opportunity to explore and see the magnificent coves. Our first stop is Aquarium Bay, famous for its crystal-clear waters. We then proceed to Tersane Bay, where you can discover the remains of an ancient shipyard. The next destination on our tour is the Sunken City, offering the chance to see underwater ancient ruins.

At Burç Bay, you can enjoy tranquility and natural beauty. We take a short break at Pirate Cave, where you can explore the mysterious cave. In Gökkaya Bay, we have a lunch break, and you will be treated to fresh seafood and delicious flavors from Turkish cuisine.

Our tour continues towards Hamidiye Bay, mesmerizing you with its impressive scenery. In the village of Simena Kale, you can see ancient ruins and traces of a historic castle. One of our final stops is Adalar Bay, where you can relax, swim, and enjoy a pleasant time.

Our private boat tour concludes at around 5:00 pm. We offer an unforgettable experience for those who want to explore the natural beauty of Kekova. We are here to guide you and make your dream vacation a reality.

Hourly boat tours are an excellent option for those who want to embark on a short sea excursion. These tours typically take place in the morning or afternoon and last for a few hours. During the tour, the boat follows a designated route and makes stops at specific points of interest. Guides provide information to tourists and assist in enhancing the tour experience. Hourly boat tours are a great choice for those with limited time or for those who wish to quickly explore the beauty of the region.



We set out for you with our 37-person boat. We promise you to spend a nice day with our tour options with and without meals.

Special day

You can contact us for special days such as a marriage proposal or anniversary on the boat.

Kekova Private Boat Tour, Meal


Yemekli veya yemeksiz özel tekne turu seçeneklerimiz vardır. Özel tekne turlarımızda ikramlarımız da bulunmaktadır.


Our tours are specially organized for our guests. We do not have a shared tour option.


You can find detailed information about the areas near Kaş, Demre, and Kekova where private boat tour is organized.

As AHMET EGE BEY BOAT, we exclusively provide private boat tours in the Kekova region.

Kekova Region
Kaş Region
Demre Region


To get detailed information about Kekova private boat tour, to ask questions and to inquire about availability, you can reach us on our phone number 24/7.

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The photo gallery of our boat, the places to visit, and our satisfied guests.

To watch the bay videos taken during the Kekova private boat tour, you can visit our “Video Gallery” page.


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