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Üçağız: Üçağız is a fishing village located near Kaş and Demre in the Antalya province. It is known for its historical ruins, natural beauty, and fish restaurants. Here, you can go for walks, relax by the seaside, and experience the fishing culture. Additionally, the Kekova Boat Tour route starts from this village.

Kekova Bay: Kekova Bay, located right next to Üçağız, is a unique place where history and nature blend together. It is a sea area that houses the sunken city of Simena. You can join boat tours here, explore the underwater ruins, and enjoy swimming in beautiful coves.

Akvaryum Bay: Akvaryum Bay is a natural beauty located in the Kekova region. It is famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters. It got its name “aquarium” due to its rocky formations and colorful fish underwater.

Tersane Bay: Tersane Bay is a historical harbor area located in the Kekova region. It features ancient ruins and an abandoned shipyard. Tersane Bay impresses visitors with its beautiful bay and remnants of historical and archaeological significance.

Batıkşehir Bay: Batıkşehir Bay was an important settlement in ancient times that got submerged underwater as the sea level rose. Today, the submerged ruins and structures offer visitors a unique historical experience.

Burç Bay: Burç Bay is a beautiful bay located in the Kekova region. It is renowned for its calm waters, natural beauty, and impressive scenery. The remnants of a castle in the bay are also fascinating. Burç Bay has a natural beach and is an ideal spot for sunbathing.

Pirate Cave: Pirate Cave is one of the intriguing natural formations in the Kekova region. It is a large cave that can be visited by sea. The magnificent cave walls and interesting rock formations on its surface make it stand out.

Gökkaya Bay: Gökkaya Bay has a natural harbor appearance. In this bay, you can participate in water sports, explore underwater richness, or simply enjoy the sun. There are also natural hiking trails around the bay.

Hamidiye Bay: Hamidiye Bay is another wonderful bay located in the Kekova region. It stands out with its natural beauty and offers a perfect place to cool off on hot summer days. Providing a peaceful atmosphere, Hamidiye Bay is an excellent choice for beach enjoyment and admiring the sea view.

Simena Kaleköy: Kaleköy, located near Üçağız, is a historical village. The prominent feature in the village is Simena Castle, which offers magnificent views. You can reach Kaleköy by boat and explore the historical ruins, taste delicious meals at local restaurants.


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